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This 200 hour online program is a complete overview, a deep dive into all the fundamentals that you need to safely get started in your journey, build up your own practice and tap into your personal style.

Our main focus throughout the course is the universal principles that make Thai Massage such a unique bodywork practice.

There is a person laying down in a large futon and we work on this person for two full hours. We offer our loving touch from the tip of the toes to the crown of the head. Our tools, our elbows, and knees, feet, sometimes even the sitting bones. And of course, we use our hands, transforming the way we touch the way we feel and sense the way we hold space.

And with time and practice, developing warmth, sensitivity and intelligence in our hands, gently and gradually opening up their heart and in the process opening up also our own heart.

This course is created and designed for practitioners of all levels, and if you‘re completely new to Thai Massage, we’ve got you covered.

We will walk you step by step through hundreds of exercises in every single part of the body, with our patient laying down in supine, in the side position, in the sitting position and in prone with theoretical and practical sessions, recaps and guided sequences.

This program is filled with practices that are crucial for the true understanding of Thai Massage the teachings of the Buddha Buddhist philosophy and Vipassana meditation. The energetic system of the Thai Zen lines. This invisible network of personalities that provides and nourishes every cell of our body.


  • Welcome
  • Mantra Ganesha
  • Words of Caution
  • Introduction to Vipassana meditation
  • Prayer: Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Sadhana: Thai Yoga
  • History of Thai Massage
  • Principles of Thai Massage
  • Practice: Invitation to Savasana
  • Common language & vocabulary
  • Zooming in: Bones
  • Zooming into the muscles
  • Zooming into the Foot
  • Practice: Feet
  • Mantra Sita Ram
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Metta Bhavana meditation
  • Prayer: Om Namo Shivago
  • Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha
  • Sadhana: Vinyasa Yoga 1
  • The 9 Principles of harmony
  • Thai Massage Styles
  • Review: Invitation to Savasana Express
  • Zooming into the Knee
  • Zooming into the Iliac
  • Energy lines introduction
  • Discovering the energy Lines
  • Practice: Energy Lines
  • Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Mantra Krishna, Krishna, Krishna
  • Morning prayers and meditation 3
  • Sadhana Vinyasa Yoga 2
  • The 5 Koshas
  • The 5 Precepts
  • Jaya Maha Mangala Gata
  • Brahma Viharas (The 4 aspects of true love)
  • Static Thai Massage
  • Dynamic Thai Massage
  • Zooming into the Sacrum
  • Zooming into the Physiology of gate
  • Practice: Tools
  • Practice: Double leg exercises
  • Practice: Single Leg exercises
  • Review: Full Guided Practice #1
  • Mantra Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
  • Mantra Hey Maha Lakshmi
  • The art of meditation
  • Qi Gong
  • Namo Avalokiteshwara
  • The 4 Noble Truths
  • 9 rules for a good Thai masseur
  • Good pain bad pain
  • Practice: Reciprocal tension
  • Zooming into the Lumbar Vertebrae
  • Zooming into the Thoracic Vertebrae
  • Zooming into the Cervical Vertebrae
  • Practice: Side Position leg up
  • Practice: Side position Orthodox
  • Zooming into the Shoulder
  • Practice: Shoulder Therapy
  • Review: Full Guided Practice #2 The CORE
  • Mantra Ya Devi
  • Maha Mantra
  • Sadhana Pranayama
  • Gate Gate
  • Benefits of Thai Massage
  • Self-care
  • Practice: Bloodstops
  • Zooming into the diaphragm
  • Zooming into Physiology of the Digestive system
  • Practice: Belly Massage
  • Zooming into the elbow & hand
  • Practice: Chest rib cage arms hands
  • Practice: Prone position
  • Positions
  • Mantra Om Namo Narayanaya
  • Mantra Hanuman Chalisa
  • Sadhana Yin Yoga
  • The 7 factors of enlightenment
  • Tangerine of Mindfulness
  • Red Flags
  • Practice: Sitting position
  • Zooming into the Cranium
  • Practice: Shoulders neck head face
  • Guided Practice #3 Wrapping up
  • Guidelines of your massage
  • Practice: Sequencing breadcrumbs
  • Practice: Transitions
  • It’s not ok
  • Om Namo Amitabhaya
  • Mantra Sita Ram & Hanuman
  • Mantra Sri Krishna
  • Intro to PRM
  • Core link
  • Practice: An Osteopathic intrusion
  • Practice: Lazy Yoga
  • Introduction to Thai Massage Therapy
  • Therapy: Headache treatment
  • Therapy: Knee treatment
  • Therapy: Lower back treatment
  • Therapy: Herbal Compress treatment
  • Pregnancy Massage intro
  • Therapy: Pregnancy Massage
  • Practice: Lost and found
  • Mantra Amma
  • Closing


March 11 to July 23

  • March 11: Zoom meeting & Module 1 presentation
  • March 25: Zoom meeting & Module 2 presentation
  • April 9: Zoom meeting & Module 3 presentation
  • April 23: Live Practice (Receiver needed) & Module 4 presentation
  • May 7: Zoom meeting & Module 5 presentation
  • May 21: Live Practice (Receiver needed) & Module 6 presentation
  • June 4: Zoom meeting & Module 7 presentation
  • July 23: Zoom Live Practice (Receiver needed) & Final Zoom meeting

* Students have as much extra time as needed to complete the program and receive the Certificate.


8 Zoom Callas + 3 Live Practices

All Zoom calls will be recorded and sent to you later on.

Forever Access

Hundreds of exercises in every single part of the body, with theoretical and practical sessions, recaps and guided sequences.

Therapeutic Approach

Therapeutic applications for common conditions such as headache, knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain and also the main guidelines and adaptations that we need to offer a safe touch to a pregnant woman.

Zooming into the anatomy

A reasonable amount of crystal clear anatomy and physiology, zooming in so that we can visualize in 3D and rediscover everything that lies under the skin.

Osteopathic precision

The salt and pepper, the spices of this delicious mix, the magic that comes from the Osteopathic lineage.


Physical practices of self-love like Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Pranayama and also Qi Gong. And every step of the way, the nectar of Bhakti Yoga, many songs, melodies and prayers, mantras that are often the highlight of our residential courses.

Buddhist Wisdom

Introduction to Buddhist practice & philosophy, crucial for the true understanding of Thai Yoga Massage.

200 Hour Certificate

At the end of the course, you will receive an international diploma as a Thai Yoga Masseur from the Thai Massage Academy and the prestigious Sunshine Network.


A complete and thorough manual that will support your journey all the way and beyond this training



6 Classes completely free:

✓ Zooming into the foot
✓ Practice: the foot
✓ Namo Avalokiteshwara
✓ Practice: reciprocal tension
✓ Zooming into the diaphragm
✓ Tangerine of mindfulness



  • Full Course (+100 Classes)
  • Forever Access
  • Manual Download
  • 8 Prerecorded Zoom Meetings
  • 3 Prerecorded Zoom Live Practices


  • 1350€ AFTER FEBRUARY 20
  • Full Course (+100 Classes)
  • Forever Access
  • Manual Download
  • 8 Zoom Group Meetings
  • 3 Zoom Live Practices
  • Certificate Sunshine Network
  • Personalized Feedback
  • 30´ Live Call with Pau
  • Access to Facebook Group



Call me and let’s talk about Thai Massage

A family trip to India, back in 2005, started it all. I dropped my career as a radio sports journalist and together with my brother Wari and my sister Mireia launched the Omshanti Yoga Studio (2006) and, later on, the Barcelona Yoga Conference (2011).

The path has been filled with Yoga, AcroYoga and soon enough Thai Massage showed up and stole my heart. For the last decade I have traveled around the globe sharing this art, inspired by teachers of the Sunshine Network. Laurino Bertelli, and his dedication to Vipassana meditation, the visionary OsteoThai founders David Lutt & Arno L’Hermitte, and the Sangha spirit, generosity and joy from Takis and Kerys at the Sunshine House Greece.

After graduating from a 5-year Osteopathy program at SICO (Switzerland), under the mentorship of Phillipe Druelle, the mission is crystal clear… to create a global platform, the Thai Massage Academy, and dive deep into this magical fusion between Thai Yoga Massage and Osteopathy.


Deep Deka


Mireia Castellsagué


Anäys Sÿana


Daniello Gauna


Ramon Martinez


Thai Massage Sangha



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