Yoga & Vinyasa


Yoga means Union. Is the internal state in which what we feel, what we think and what we do is in complete harmony. The main objective is to connect us with our essence, to remember who we are and where we are going. Clear up the mind, open up the body and living with your heart. The collateral benefits of yoga are relaxation, concentration, full breathing, flexibility and strength, but the goal is not physical perfection, but the inner peace. When there is unity there is also a connection with the environment. Yoga helps us to understand our mind and our inner selves and thus to better understand the people and situations around us. It is an internal tool that creates  compassion and integrates us into the world.

The elements that we will practice in class are:

  • Hatha Yoga, cultivate the body so it is able to meditate. With the asanas (postures) we realese tension, become more flexible, tone and develop balance. They also have a direct effect internal organs, brining more oxygen, helping blood flow, cleaning, etc... By releasing physical tension and beeing compassionate with our body we also releasing emotional and mental.
  • Pranayama , cultivating our breath because it is the main source of life and we sure have a lot more ability to breathe than what we think. A full and wide breathing gives us more oxygen, good circulation, mental calm, concentration, silence... Silence with which we can begin to hear the inner voice that guides us. Breathing connects us directly to our essence.
  • Meditation, cultivating the mind to be aware of thoughts and how to act on them. As we distinguish and conquer our thoughts ee become more self conscious during the day to transform negative thoughts into positives. Awareness in the present moment allow us to be free in our decisions.
  • Dancing, body awareness adn distress through movement. The dance creates joy, fluidity and welfare. Heating the body and releasing our thoughts of the day, we return to the Present Moment.
  • Mantras, tool for the mind, sining mantras stimulates the expression of the heart, creativity, calms the mind and leads us to a state of meditation.
  • Satsanga, meeting of wisdom, space to share, express and listen.


VINYASA YOGA is when we connect movement with breath. It's a more dynamic class linking each asana with flowing movemnets that will keep our breath and awareness going.

You become what you think, 
You imitate what you see, 
You speak what you hear,
You create what you feel.
You give and recieve the result of your acts,
and you will live everything you dare to IMAGINE